9. August 2018

Ambassador Peter

Peter Tschannen

The planet Earth is called the Blue Planet. This blue color is caused by reflection from the oceans which cover roughly 71% of the area of the Earth. By weight, the average human adult male is approximately 65% water. The first 9 months of our life we are surrounded by water. Water seems to be fundamental for our existence……and one of the most impressive ways to experience water is Sidemount Diving.Quality is my passion!As long as I can remember I have had an affinity to water. Therefore I learned to swim and snorkel at a very young age. To realize my dream - become a SCUBA diver - I had to wait until I turned 22 years old. From then on nothing could stop me anymore and I spent as much time as possible in the water.Since 2012 I have invested all my time, energy and money in learning and teaching Sidemounting.
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