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The heat_it is a medical device to relief itching and pain caused by insect bites from:

Mosquitos | Horseflies | Wasps | Bees

Itchy insect bites can be quickly and easily relieved by heat treatment with the heat_it.

» Small, handy and robust
» Fast to use
» Without batteries
» Treatment individually adjustable
» Suitable for children*
» Made in Germany
» Medically verified working principle
» Always with you on your key ring

Compatibility with your Android Smartphone:  

The heat_it for Android has a USB-C port. Smartphones with a Micro-USB port need an OTG adapter. Note that the heat_it offered here is not suitable for Apple iPhones. Due to system-specific components and the interface configuration, a “USB-C to Lightning adapter” cannot be used either.

The APP for this is here:



Safe medical device:

The heat_it is particularly reliable thanks to a sophisticated security concept and the use of a self-resetting fuse. Your smartphone and its battery are thus optimally protected. Up to 1,000 treatments are possible with one smartphone charge.

Notes on the stitch healer

  • For children from 4 years of age / Own use from 12 years
  • heat_it is IP 42 drip-proof – not suitable for use in and under water.
  • Depending on your sensitivity, the treatment can be perceived as unpleasent.
  • Remove the bee stinger before treatment with heat_it.
  • heat_it can be used by children from the age of 4 years.
  • heat_it can be self applied from the age of 12 years.
  • Special maintenance of heat_it is not necessary, but it should be cleaned regularly with a disinfecting tissue or damp cloth. Do not clean heat_it under running water.
  • heat_it is not suitable for treating allergic reactions.
  • The same skin area should not be treated more than five times per hour.
  • A break of at least 10 seconds is compulsory between repeated treatment of the same skin
  • Do not press heat_it on the skin during the preheating process and never for longer than 10 seconds.
  • The heat_it is degined exclusively for use on the external skin only. This device should never be used in body orifices, on mucous membranes, on the gums, the nail bed, eyes or in the external auditory canal.
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