The Tank Strap

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Over the years, countless divers have made their own hose holders in a do-it-yourself process. Sometimes better, sometimes worse. The D°luxe Tank Straps are the ideal alternative to all common standard straps. Due to their high tensile strength, the hoses stay flat on the tank without annoying twisting and due to the high adhesion the hoses cannot slip out. The material and the processing are extremely robust, UV-, heat- and saltwater resistant as well as quick-drying. All joints are welded and sewn. Due to the generous flap, the strap can be tightened well even with dry diving gloves in order to store the hoses safely under water again. Ideal adhesion with tangent materials. High resistance to ageing due to carbon-enriched rubber threads and UV-protected textile materials.

Material properties:


– Robust enough to be used as a temporary lower attachment point with double end (in case the lower bolt snap is defective)
– Generously dimensioned polypropylene strap that allows operation even with dry diving gloves
– Currently available in 17 colours
– The colors allow divers to identify their tanks (e.g. sidemount course) or to mark gases (e.g. green nitrox, blue O2, etc.)


– Carbon enriched triple rubber with 65% elongation
– High resistance to aging
– UV-resistant
– saltwater resistant
– heat- and cold-resistant
– quick-drying
– Does not adhere to leg pockets Velcro fastener
– No tilting of the regulators due to 6cm wide band
– No wearing out, no slipping, no twisting of the hoses
– High adhesion with tangent materials. Ideal for aluminium (Dirty Beast) therefore no slipping of the straps when moving the hose


Specially made for all cylinder sizes. Thus the ideal tension is always guaranteed. Special sizes on request.

Quality materials and production “made in Germany”. All seams welded and sewn.

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