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Victor Tovar​

The underwater world and scuba diving has been always my passion, and cave diving was my goal since I started diving. Currently, teaching other divers to dive safely in this incredible underground world is my main motivation and occupation.During my courses, it’s important to learn how to solve possible failures and dangerous situations, but more important is to do everything possible to avoid them. Therefore, we will always choose the best possible material to dive in caves, well maintained and reliable. Dluxe straps provide all the right features for extreme diving. No more loose hoses, no more broken straps. And also customizable… something so important sometimes!I have spent the last years diving and offering cave diving courses in the famous cave “Cueva del Agua”, in Cartagena (Spain). A cave of unique characteristics for its hot waters and shallow profile, but in turn, high technical requirement for its ease of cloudiness or even zero visibility.Cave diving is one of the most wonderful activities that a human being can do nowadays and, perhaps, the last opportunity to explore places never visited before that we have left in this crowded world! 

Tomasz Michura

Hi! My name is Michur and I am a sidemount instructor. My life revolves around this configuration and skills and techniques which help me, and I hope a few more people, dive this system more easily and safely. If interested I am glad to invite to check out my FB fan page Sidemount Silesia for more information, pictures and videos. My students and friends know that my motto has always been „the Devil is in the detail” and I realized a long time ago that even a small thing could change our diving experience for the better or worse. Me and Sven from D°LUXE really worked on the length, width, design, flexibility and looks of the 4 cylinder tank straps that I am proud to call „Michur’s set”. Not because I have a big ego but because this particular set will suit divers who share my house routing philosophy and „like it neat and stable, yet easy to handle”. I am more than happy to be a member of D°LUXE family and finally rid myself of all rubbers and bungees. However, I am far from saying all people should do the same. Try them, test them, and see if you like them. I am aware everybody is entitled to his or her own preferences.

Thorsten Waelde

Sardinia / Switzerland
(Full time Instructor) Toddy lebt und arbeitet das ganze Jahr über auf Sardinien und ist der Inhaber von Protec Sardinia. Toddy kommt aus Deutschland und ist seit vielen Jahren in der Tauchszene anzutreffen. Nach mehrjähriger Tätigkeit als Geschäftsführer, Tauchlehrer und Guide, brachte ihn das zu den verschiedensten Orten der Welt, wie Rotes Meer, Karibik, Pazifik, Malediven, Mittelmeer und den Atlantik. Er hat in Mexiko mehrere Jahre gearbeitet und gelebt und sich dort ein umfangreiches Wissen im Technischen Tauchen angeeignet. Seine Leidenschaft zum Höhlentauchen und Forschen führte ihn zu tiefen Sink Holes im Yucatan, den Höhlensystemen in Mexiko (Quintana Roo) nach Süd Australien (Nullarbor), Spanien (Mallorca), Frankreich (Ardeche) und Italien (Sardinien). Ebenfalls ist er der Erfinder des TS-Sidemount Systems und hat viele Jahre damit verbracht ein Sidemount zu entwickeln das keine Wünsche offen lässt. Das TS-System wird übrigens offiziell bei IANTD als Kursprogramm angeboten. Kurse unterrichtet er auf Deutsch,Englisch und Italienisch. Er und sein Team empfängt Euch gerne auf der Insel!

Max Fahr


Hi, my name is Max. I started diving when I was just 8 years old and slowly developed to one of the most active European Cave Explorers. My diving is very characterised by DIR-Style diving. Some caves need Wetsuits and OC-Sidemount to squeeze through muddy restrictions and some caves need Dual CCR and two scooters to penetrate many kilometres into huge tunnels.  I love remote caves where the logistic is the key to success. My favourite Project is the Blautopf cave System in South Germany, where i am exploring whenever it is possible.  To accomplish all these demanding dives you simply need the best and toughest gear. As I live very Close to Sven I follow the development of the tank straps from the very beginning. We often develop new ideas to make exploration easier and our gear tougher. I can really say from hundreds of rough dives that especially the Tank-straps are absolutely exploration capable. Check my website


Stratis Kas.

Diving Instructor & Explorer, Film-maker, adventurer and storyteller Stratis Kas, deals with all of his subjects — extreme weather expeditions to days lost in wilderness — with unique sensitivity and fearless focus. He travels to remote, sometimes risky and often freezing locations to create stunning films that change what we knew about diving expeditions.Stratis’s interest in real connection with nature is reflected in his ability to shift from film-maker to Explorer. In his stunning material of a variety of challenging locations around the world, he shows how natural landscapes serve as examples of what should have been (or can be) human inspiration. His presentations are a window into the wild world.No Exploration is ever complete, unless it is shared.

Steve Martin

Great Britain
“I dive to help others enjoy a world … very different to the one they are currently living in”Steve Martin is one of the key people leading the field regarding the development of Sidemount diving. He built his experience through travelling and conducting courses all over the world. He is best known for having developed his world renowned Sidemount Essentials Course, it is his signature training program which now sets an industry benchmark.His company Sidemount Scuba Diving which established in 2009, his website provides us today with one of the biggest online resources on the subject of side mount diving and online training.

Garry Dallas

Great Britain
Imparting his infectious passion for knowledge and skills whilst being liberating and fun!Credentials: RAID UK & Malta examiner, cave, technical and recreational instructor trainer, technical advisor, primary author in the RAID Sidemount course and contributing author in other training materials. In his 20year diving career, he has trained with most major training organisations and become a published photographer and writer. Exploring whenever possible, whilst developing practical environmental Sidemount skills for OC and CCR, he’s renowned for his training globally. A keen conservationist and member of “Artic on the Edge” a contingent of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society, promoting protection of all marine life, through media while presenting at schools, international and national dive show events. As a director of Simply Sidemount & Simply Tec, teaching globally throughout the year, he sends passion through vibes on media channels. “Using D’Luxe tank bands, has made diving and teaching much easier, through the reliability, construction and material used on this underrated piece of equipment.”

Robert Uhlmann

Ich heiße Robert „Roby“ Uhlmann. Ich tauche seit 1998 und habe die klassische Ausbildung bis zum Tauchlehrer absolviert. Nach ca. 400 Tauchgängen erlangte ich in 2002 mit viel Freude meinen PADI Divemaster. In 2004 folgte dann der Abschluss zum Tauchlehrer. Ab 2006 widmete sich mein Interesse mehr und mehr dem technischen Tauchen mit den entsprechenden Fortbildungen bis zum SSI Limited Trimix Taucher und 2015 zum Full Cave Diver. Ich bin aktiver Tauchlehrer der Verbände SSI und PADI. Nach nun mehr als 1.950+ Tauchgängen und über 500 Zertifizierungen habe ich in 2011 das Sidemount Tauchen für mich entdeckt. Mit viel Enthusiasmus, Energie und Engagement habe ich mich fortan mit diesem Thema auseinandergesetzt.

Steve Davis

New Zealand
Steve Davis is an author, sidemount instructor, cave and wreck diver. He is the founder of Sidemount Pros and shares his passion for sidemount diving with the world as the host of the podcast, “Speaking Sidemount” available on iTunes and via”To be a great sidemount diver you have to master your equipment, stability in the water, and sidemount skills. Having the right equipment is the foundation and I am proud to use and represent the D-LUXE range.” 

Peter Tschannen

Gozo / Switzerland
The planet Earth is called the Blue Planet. This blue color is caused by reflection from the oceans which cover roughly 71% of the area of the Earth. By weight, the average human adult male is approximately 65% water. The first 9 months of our life we are surrounded by water. Water seems to be fundamental for our existence… …and one of the most impressive ways to experience water is Sidemount Diving. Quality is my passion! As long as I can remember I have had an affinity to water. Therefore I learned to swim and snorkel at a very young age. To realize my dream – become a SCUBA diver – I had to wait until I turned 22 years old. From then on nothing could stop me anymore and I spent as much time as possible in the water. Since 2012 I have invested all my time, energy and money in learning and teaching Sidemounting.
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