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Yes, I might just be a bit of a geek… but after testing these bands out for the last 12 months, I decided to order my “own” bands.
Just to get an idea, I have been so pleased with these, using them on different cylinder sizes, both aluminium and steel, Stages and Sidemount tanks. Where other bands in the past have split and become useless, or swollen and not holding the hoses secure or fallen off the tank, or far too gripping or tight and impossible to use easily, or no secure tabs to easily grip the band to pull wearing dry gloves in cold temperatures to re-secure hoses in place.
So they got a 10/10 all round from me!

Some people have liked mine so much, they borrowed them ? well, now I can identify them in the future ?

Their appeal is not surprising that the personalisation (in pretty much any way) of these bands can be done. Both and @underwaterellen have their own fonts requested.
I sent the order in for 3 people on Wednesday morning. Today they are on their way to me!
Great service ? thank you Sven Dinser at @dluxe_dive_gear
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