Vanilla Sky Project 2017 Video

Here they are. The 4 Episodes of the Vanilla Sky Project 2017


Episode 1 – “Searching, Searching, Searching”,

named because that seemed to be the never ending theme for the first few days of the project.
Before you can explore the caves, you have to find them,
which means continuously pushing deeper and deeper into the jungle.

And, finding a cenote is no guarantee it goes anywhere….



Episode 2 | “We Have to Dig”

Persistence and dedication paid off, and finally we started
finding caves that looked like they went and we got to start exploring.
That is, after we got the gear and teams to the water (easier said than done).

Some absolutely stunning new caves in this episode with gorgeous passages,
formations and and unique rooms.



Episode 3 | “Maison”

We were exploring a cenote when Robbie found Maison while following a passage to see where it went.
What he found left the entire team giddy and speechless, and that was just the beginning…

Over the next couple of days, we made several unreal findings and important discoveries,
both above and below the water. Watching Dante work at the site was an awesome experience in itself.

The ancient Mayans were fascinating. Seeing this stuff for the first time gave me chills and
I still get goosebumps watching it. An indescribable experience I’ll never forget.



Episode 4 | “A Proper Plan”

This episode has footage from a long dive we did in a gorgeous,
highly decorated cave in El Puente System, with Toddy and Pako on the T-Reb rebreather.

Some more finds by the team recently, including a beautiful skull found by Toddy,
and some really cool bones found by Jim in a nearby system. The skull and bones all required long swims,
through some tight passage. I found myself in amazement, wondering how those animals managed to get as far as they did.
The caves never disappoint!

And…get a peek at what the team has planned for next year.

Until 2018….


Vanilla Sky Project 2017 Trailer from FKD (Frog Kick Diving) on Vimeo.

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