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In recent years, D°LUXE Dive Gear has established itself globally with its tank straps. Today we are the world’s leading manufacturer of holders for scuba hoses. As of today, we are the only company in the world that offers customization of tank straps to customer specifications. Our straps are designed for heavy duty use and are the alternative to all standard straps. 

How it started. Our dream is to inspire you to dive with style and trim.

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D°LUXE provides premium quality, handcrafted and personalized. We’re excited to find innovative designs to meet our customers’ needs, and we’re confident you’ll like what we do.

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We’re a small but mighty team, and we love what we do.

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Our goal is to support divers

Quality products

Production is entirely handmade in-house, in Germany. Our quality is built into the products, defined by the needs of the customers and provides superior value. We work in a constant flow of customer-focused development and maintain high standards in materials and manufacturing process.

Fair price

We imagine timeless tank straps made of materials of excellent quality. Our priority is to offer you dive-comfortable, built for security and beautifully designed straps that will serve you for several years. We do this because we no longer believe in the logic to produce low quality straps and in large quantities. We control production in-house from start to finish.

Premium service

We go above and beyond to provide excellent customer service. At D°LUXE, we are all about making you feel safe while diving.
Let's create fantastic things together.Tell us about your project ideas.

Worldwide shipping

We offer fast, reliable and efficient shipping to over 220 countries at reasonable cost.
With our logistics partners DHL,DPD, TNT, GLS and UPS we are able to deliver worldwide within 1 week.

2 years warranty

Our straps are produced for a long life. If they break, we will replace within 2 years for free.

Pay safely

We take your security and privacy very seriously and we protect your information carefully. We have several technological protections in place to ensure that our transaction process is overly secure.
Fast and easy with Paypal, credit card or prepayment. Our store is 256 bit SSL encrypted.

D°LUXE is all about making you feel safe while diving.

My story

My name is Sven Dinser, I am the founder and owner of D-Luxe Dive Gear, based in Mengen, Southern Germany. At the end of 2015, with the evolution of my diving career from sport diving to technical diving, from backmount to sidemount I was looking for straps to hold the hoses on the SM tanks.

Of course, there were some strap/bands on the market that were already mass produced in the US, but unfortunately far too many of them were made with a focus on saving money. The cost was high, but the materials were not durable and the shipping costs to get the straps to Europe were way too expensive, so that did not work for me.
The rubber bands or bungees, cheap and easy to find, was also not a solution for me, as they did not give the desired result. I searched in vain for straps that, hold the tubes tightly without slipping, twisting and breaking.

Therefore I decided to design and manufacture my own products. Through the great support from my dive buddies – friends who are now also part of the D-Luxe Dive Gear team and do testing, consulting and promotion for me in the diving community I founded D°LUXE Dive Gear in January 2016.

A good knowledge of diving equipment and over 20 years of experience in sewing heavy materials helped me to produce confidently and efficiently.

What I envisioned was a delivery of a great value product, a small batch manufacturing process that could ensure quality and would allow to
customise the straps according to customers’ needs. – colours, size, names etc.

Our mission became to make products without compromise.
Thankfully, we found a like-minded community, and thanks to your support and loyalty, we are still independent and having the best time of our lives.


The Tank Strap story

Over the years, countless divers have tinkered with their own tank straps using the do-it-yourself method. Sometimes better, sometimes worse.The D°LUXE Tank Straps are the ideal alternative to all common standard straps. Due to their high tension, the hoses remain flat on the bottle without annoying twisting and due to the high adhesion, the hoses can not slip out.
The material and the processing are extremely robust, UV- heat- and salt water resistant as well as quick-drying. All seams are welded and stitched. Due to the generous flap, the strap can be tightened well even with dry diving gloves in order to store the hoses safely under water again.
Ideal adhesion with tangent materials. High resistance to ageing due to carbon-enriched rubber threads and UV-protected textile materials.

Our production

Custom design quality – built to last.
We design, sew and embroider our tank straps in-house and source high quality materials from suppliers who manufacture in Germany.
Unlike most traditional brands, we manufacture in small batches to monitor quality at every stage of production and reduce reject product returns.
This means you get products that are subject to strict quality control standards.
Our process starts with digitally drawing custom designs in the special embroidery software Wilcom Studio. Then it goes through the initial embroidery machine sampling and final embroidery after successful sample results. From there, we weld the edges of the webbing and sew everything together. All straps are handcrafted.

We know you put your trust in us, so we go above and beyond to provide you with an excellent shopping experience and outstanding customer service. We are proud to offer a 2-year warranty on all of our tapes. If a problem arises, our in-house customer experience team is always here to help.

NO one size fits ALL, invest in personalization!

The strap in detail

A wide range of colors leaves nothing to be desired.

– Currently available in 19 colors
– Through the colors divers can identify their tanks (eg sidemount course) or mark gases (eg green Nitrox, blue O2, etc.)

We are constantly expanding our color range of webbing and embroidery threads and can offer hundreds of color combinations.


The grab tab in 2 variations (EVO or STD)

– Robust enough to be used as a temporary lower attachment point with double ender (in case of defect of the lower Boltsnaps)
– Generous tab of polypropylene which allows the operation even with dry gloves


– Carbon enriched triple rubber with 65% elongation
– High aging resistance
– UV resistant
– Salt water resistant
– Heat and cold resistant
– Quick drying
– Does not stick to leg pockets velcro
– No slipping away of the regulator by 6cm wide band
– No wearing out, no slipping, no twisting of the hoses
– High adhesion with tangent materials. Ideal for aluminum (Dirty Beast) therefore no slipping of the straps when moving the hose


We produce for all common bottles and all DPV to measure. Therefore, the ideal tension is guaranteed at all times. Special sizes on request.

On customer request, our straps can be embroidered personalized.

robust, durable, quick-drying, UV- and salt water resistant. Materials and manufacturing “made in Germany”.

All seams are welded and sewn. Completely made in Germany.

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Let's do fantastic things together.

Tell us about your project ideas.


We are a small but strong team of active divers. We have a passion for quality products and a drive to constantly improve everyday productions by trying new materials, ideas, designs and diving tests. We work hard to make this brand something we are proud of.

We love what we do, so the work doesn’t feel like work at all!


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